Here is a partial list of Projects we worked on

TMMBAVideos TMMBA office manages the videos (including student presentations, guest speakers and other events) using an TMMBAVideos web application. Using this web application registered users can access and manage the video files for viewing, sharing and collaborating. All TMMBA students (current, past and prospective) are provided a secured access to this web application with a user name and password. The Web application can also be accessed by administrative staff, communication specialists, UW Business school faculty members, site administrators and general public (family and friends by invitation only). The site presents specific access features based on a user profile.

360 degree leadership assessments is an online application to facilitate 360 degree leadership assessments. This comprehensive leadership assessment is designed to help you identify critical strengths and areas for improvement as a leader. To protect the confidentiality of the assessment program the user accounts in this web site are secured through a unique user name and password.

TimeCardsOnline is an online application for time entry for small and medium businesses.

Executive course assessments an online application for executive course assessments.


What we do

HR Related Products
You Envision the HR Products Related Application
Let rStrings work on your vision
We deliver the application

Web Apps
Enhancement of existing and creation of new Web sites.

Video Web Apps
Development and maintainence of Videos website

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HR products development

  • GOLS Inc. is proud to present the Web Application Development Boutique in the pacific northwest region.
  • If you have an existing web based service, a product, or simply an idea that needs a complementing web application - come to us and we will convert your vision to a reality that will be in hands of millions of users within weeks.
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About us

  • GOLS Inc. is a web and mobile application development company serving small and medium sized clients in Pacific Northwest Since 2005. Please visit www.golsonline.com to learn more about GOLS Inc.
  • Since its inception GOLS Inc has been involved in creating Software as a Service products such as www.ltstf.com (an online application to facilitate 360 degree leadership assessments), www.timecardsonline.com (an online application for time entry for small and medium businesses) and www.assessus.com (an online application for executive course assessments).
  • The HR related products offered by GOLS Inc. are available under the umbrella of www.rStrings.com which is bringing a suit of products and tools to the HR community.

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